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Oklahoma Youth Academy Charter School



Title 10A. Children and Juvenile Code
§2-7-616. Board of Juvenile Affairs - Charter school


Universal Citation: 10A O.S. § 2-7-616 (2014)

A. For the purposes of establishing and operating a charter school, pursuant to the provisions of Section 3-130 et seq. of Title 70 of the Oklahoma Statutes, the Board of Juvenile Affairs may serve as the governing body of the charter school and may take any action necessary to serve in such capacity and in accordance with rules of the State Board of Education. The Board of Juvenile Affairs may promulgate rules as necessary for the establishment and operation of such charter school and shall establish policies and provide oversight for any such charter school.

B. The Executive Director of the Office of Juvenile Affairs shall provide for the administration and operation of any charter school established and operated by the Office of Juvenile Affairs.

C. The Executive Director of the Office of Juvenile Affairs may employ instructional and administrative personnel necessary for the operation of a charter school and may contract with such personnel for the terms and conditions of their employment or for the services provided. Instructional and administrative personnel employed by the Office of Juvenile Affairs shall be in the unclassified service. Such personnel shall be eligible for membership or participation in the Teachers' Retirement System of Oklahoma.

Added by Laws 2014, c. 201, § 1, emerg. eff. April 29, 2014.


Now Hiring Teachers

Are you ready to change the life of an Oklahoma at-risk youth?  Experience the difference by being a difference.  The Office of Juvenile Affairs/Oklahoma Youth Academy Charter School is looking for qualified teachers that can:

  • Provide students with one-on-one teaching and mentoring time.

  • Provide education, support, and training to help students prepare for advancement to the next level and for life following graduation.

  • Working with other educators to develop individualized learning plans (IEP) for special needs students.


Job specifications:

  • Help prepare all OYACS students to be successful and thriving citizens as they return to their communities.

  • Value diversity.

  • Teach leadership and values.


Send your cover letter and resume to [email protected]




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